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Posted 9 months ago

Senior Frontend Engineer


About the job

Labelbox’s mission is to build the best products for humans to advance artificial intelligence. Real breakthroughs in AI are reliant on the quality of the training data. Our training data platform enables organizations to improve their machine learning models far quicker and more accurately. We are determined to build software that is more open, easier-to-use, and singularly focused on getting our customers to performant ML faster.

Current Labelbox customers are transforming industries within insurance, retail, manufacturing/robotics, healthcare, and beyond. Our platform is used by Fortune 500 enterprises including Allstate, John Deere, Bayer, Warner Brothers and leading AI-focused companies including FLIR Systems and Caption Health. We are backed by leading investors including Andreessen Horowitz, B Capital, Gradient Ventures (Google's AI-focused fund), and Kleiner Perkins.

About the Perception Team

The vast majority of machine learning projects fail because of insufficient or poorly labeled data. At Labelbox, the Perception team’s mission is to build the most efficient tool for creating high quality training data, allowing our users to make breakthroughs in their domains and advance the field of artificial intelligence.

Our team focuses on building a beautiful and intuitive, reliant and performant browser interface, served to users all around the world. We are responsible for processing images, documents, videos, and more for display in a browser. We build the tools that visually annotate and manipulate those assets. And we design the custom components and SDKs that allow customers to build their own interfaces.

About You

  • You have 4+ years of hands-on experience building complex, data-rich web applications.

  • Bonus points if you have experience with:

  • Multimedia file formats and encoding standards

  • 2D and 3D geometries, vector and raster graphics, computer vision

  • Tiled Imagery and geospatial analysis

  • Real-time collaboration and productivity software

  • Browser network protocols and security best practices

  • Machine learning principles and data pipeline development

  • You have a deep understanding of CS fundamentals, a passion for modern web technologies, and a demonstrated fluency with object-oriented and functional programming languages.

  • You have experience or interest in our tech stack and development tools:

  1. Frontend development with Typescript, React, Redux, RxJS, or similar languages and frameworks
  2. Backend development with NodeJS, Apollo GraphQL, SQL, Redis, or similar languages and frameworks
  3. Pain-free local development with automated tooling for productivity and reliability; experience with Webpack, Cypress, Jest
  • Bonus points if you have experience with:
  1. Proficiency with multiple languages
  2. Typescript and RxJS
  3. Image processing with OpenCV and scaling out Python services
  4. Visualizations with konva, ThreeJS, P5, D3, or similar

What We Value

  • You care deeply about building a highly reliable and desirable tool for our customers. To do so, you apply a constant and committed approach to learning and growing in your art. You believe in applying your craft to practical problems and value having a meaningful impact in an exciting, growing field.
  • You thrive in a remote-first environment and can be relied on to strike a balance between focused, individual effort and effective collaboration. You are able to communicate clearly and concisely on technical problems and solutions across a variety of mediums.
  • You are excited to be part of a strong culture that promotes inclusive collaboration and fierce trust in each other. You deeply value working on such a team and see yourself actively contributing to the culture, practices, and standards of the team.

What You Will Accomplish

  • You will push the boundaries of what is possible in a browser, squeezing out every last ounce of performance available to build the world’s most powerful and performant, secure and stable training data platform.
  • You will make hands-on contributions and partner with a passionate and talented group of engineers, designers, and product managers to define, scope, and build critically valuable and innovative features in our core product.
  • You will develop clean, beautiful code and leave it better than you found it.

Do great work. From anywhere

We hire great people regardless of where they live. Work wherever you’d like as reliable internet access is our only requirement. We communicate asynchronously, work autonomously, and take ownership of our work.

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Regular Employment
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$100.000 - 200.000
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