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Posted 10 months ago

Backend Engineer


About the job

About the job

As Backend Engineer at Maybe, you'll be responsible for the server side code and APIs of our web applications. You'll be involved in the entire product development lifecycle including the design, development, deployment and maintenance of new and existing features. Ultimately, you'll be the driving force behind all backend activities.

The tech stack

We're still in very early days of Maybe, and as such, much of the tech stack is rapidly changing. Flexibility is key here and your input and expertise on the stack is very much wanted.

On a base level, experience with the following tech is a major pro:

  • SQL (we use Postgres, primarily)
  • TypeScript
  • Node
  • GraphQL
  • Serverless
  • Amazon Web Services (RDS, ECS, Lambda, KMS, CloudWatch)

About you

  • You've built complex backends in TypeScript/Node, but you also know other languages.
  • You've shipped large applications with many components and data structures.
  • You've worked with different databases and know how to optimize complex queries.
  • You have a proven ability to design interfaces that stand the test of time.
  • You have experience building and working on distributed systems.
  • You have experience integrating complex 3rd party APIs
  • You are strong self-manager, capable of being a "CEO" of your area.

About Maybe

At Maybe we're building the next generation of financial & retirement planning tools. Founded in 2021, we're working to equip consumers with the resources they need to take control of their financial future.

Working 30 years and then riding off in to the sunset at 65 isn't the goal for most people anymore. They want to experience life, take risks and pour their hearts in to what matters most to them. They want to dream. And Maybe helps them do that.

Maybe you open a coffee shop? Maybe you take a trip to Asia? Maybe you put your money in to index funds and live off the returns? Maybe you dabble in crypto? Maybe you invest in art? Maybe you buy your dream home?

Maybe helps you figure out what's possible and how to get there.


Let me preface this by saying the way we do employment at Maybe is very atypical. We're trying hard to come up with a model for building a company that incentivizes team members to be loyal to their craft and not a company. If any of this is confusing, please just ask ( More than happy to talk things through!

At Maybe, we're building tools for financial independence and managing your wealth yourself, breaking the traditional system.

In the same way we want our customers to be independent and in control of their futures, we want our team to be as well. If we can't individually control our futures, how can we expect our users to do the same?

We have no full-time employees. Everyone works as a part-time, hourly contractor.

The rate for this role is $100/hour, increasing to $125 after your first 6 months.

Read about our anti-overtime policy →

In an effort to reduce overworking, your first 20 hours per week are billed at your full rate. Any hours past that are billed at 75% your hourly rate.

As an example, in your first year, if you worked 35 hours a week for 50 weeks of the year, your annual salary would be $175,780.

Read more about what working at Maybe is like in our company handbook →

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Employment type
Regular Employment
Tech stack
$170.000 - 180.000
yearly gross salary