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Posted 9 months ago

Sr Engineer - Rust


About the job

This is an exciting and challenging role on the Ockam Team. Ockam is building open source, end-to-end encrypted and mutually authenticated communication protocols and libraries that can work in resource constrained, intermittent connectivity IoT devices and connected machines.

We're using Rust to build the core cryptographic and messaging capabilities of Ockam. The role will involve building easy to use APIs and modular structure for – our actor framework, routing protocols, cryptographic protocols for secure channels, privacy preserving credentials, messaging abstractions like streams, topics, queues and more.

You'll get to work deeply with async Rust and how we leverage it in various environments. This will involve working deeply with the Tokio async runtime and designing Ockam Nodes that can run in various hardware and operating systems.

You will be responsible for building core components and traits in the Ockam Rust Library. Modularity, loose coupling and developer-friendly APIs are important design goals for our libraries and in this role you will lead that effort. Cryptographic protocols are utilized throughout the Ockam stack, so whether this is an area of experience or experimentation in your past, you will be challenged.

Ockam is a small and extremely senior team. This role involves architecture, interface design, writing code and, responsibility for testing and documentation. Everyone on the Ockam team takes responsibility for their parts from end-to-end, including the creation of long term objectives, issues in GitHub, task management, and summaries of key results.


  • The Rust language.
  • Type Systems, Generics, Futures and Async/Await.
  • Actor based concurrent systems and Messaging Protocols.
  • Git and GitHub's workflow.
  • Modern CI/CD pipelines and DevOps.
  • Building components in complex code bases


  • 5+ years of experience building low-level and backend systems
  • Provisioning and operating basic cloud services in AWS, Azure or Google Cloud
  • Consuming and contributing to open source codebases
  • Familiarity with multiple programming languages


  • This is a Senior Engineering role (Level 3 or 4) at Ockam.
  • For more information about Role Levels at Ockam, [click here for our guide].

Ockam is a distributed, remote-first team with a headquarters in San Francisco California.

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Employment type
Regular Employment
Tech stack
$120.000 - 160.000
yearly gross salary