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Posted 10 months ago

Full Stack Engineer

Poll Everywhere

About the job

What you'll do:

  • Build fast, reliable, real-time web-based applications.
  • Build reusable Web Components that provide a consistent user experience across our wide offering of interfaces. *Write and maintain internal APIs that connect our main Ruby on Rails application with our single-page apps and other front-end code.
  • Participate in many aspects of delivering a project (architecture, planning, communication, documentation, metrics, and execution)
  • Write maintainable tests while you code, avoiding both false positives and false negatives. TDD and BDD are welcome here!
  • Own and deliver on more than one objective at a time by completing your project's feature work while contributing to the team through code reviews and ongoing maintenance.
  • Collaborate and work with Product Managers and Technical Project Leads (engineers) to understand your tasks and responsibilities.
  • Work with a coach who's invested in finding the right opportunities for your growth.

What you bring to the role:

  • 2-4 years of web application development professional working experience
  • 2-4 years of server-side web frameworks (Ruby on Rails, Phoenix, Django, Express)
  • 2+ years building web components with a modern framework such as Lit/Polymer, React, Vue.js.
  • 1+ year working with a Flux-based state management library such as Redux, Vuex, Mobx.
  • 1+ years experience with MySQL or a similar relational database.
  • Awareness of secure coding practices and the importance of incorporating these practices in your work.

At Poll Everywhere, we are building a product that is more than just an engagement tech tool. We are passionate about making a product that makes an impact. So how do we create a product that gives people the tools they need to be heard in situations where they otherwise would have not? By forming engineering teams that are centered around development and collaboration that dive into new technologies or build out highly scalable features for our enterprise customers. Whether it's leading a team project or refining a user interface to help users get their work done faster, we'll help find the right team for you. At Poll Everywhere, we are serious about helping our engineers meet their career goals and strive to create learning opportunities for those who are proactive.

Poll Everywhere is a 60+ person growing B2B SaaS company on a mission to make presentations more inclusive. Transforming presentations into two-way conversations, our platform enables presenters to create interactive questions, words clouds, discussions, and competitions that their audience can respond to using any device. Founded in 2008, we now support millions of users worldwide from educational institutions to household companies such as Google, AT&T, and Target.

We're looking for an ambitious developer with at least 2+ years of web application experience. As a Full Stack Engineer, you will work on and potentially lead projects to enhance and support customer-facing features. You will write code that is easy to read, understand, and maintain using many different technologies. Our core tech stack includes Ruby on Rails, MySQL, ES6, Redux, Sass, and Lit Element for WebComponents. Poll Everywhere has a great track record of being a place to enhance and deepen your technical skills.

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USA Only
Employment type
Regular Employment
Tech stack
Full Stack
Ruby on Rails
$120.000 - 160.000
yearly gross salary