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Posted 11 months ago

Full Stack Product Engineer


About the job

$120k/year. 100% remote. Flexible schedule.

Soflyy is seeking an experienced full stack engineer to help us build the next iteration of our state-of-the-art drag & drop website builder for WordPress.

You can do l33tcode? More power to you. But we don’t care. 

We are looking for people that can craft quality software.

On top of software engineering abilities, here's what we care about:
  • UI / UX
  • Ability to design solutions that are good both from a technical standpoint and from a user standpoint - i.e. clean code, good architecture, good UI/UX
  • Ability to take on a product ownership role - we say "build feature X" and give you wide latitude to build whatever you feel is best, and you bring us a kick-ass version of feature X 

As a fully-remote team, we don't care what time zone you're in or at what times you're working. We only care about the quality of your work. We keep meetings and chat to the absolute minimum to foster focus-time.

You'll spend a lot of time in Vue (with TypeScript and Vuex), but you're also expected to work with WordPress APIs and PHP. We do E2E testing with Cypress, and integration and unit tests with Jest.

Knowledge of Vue is a plus, but if you're experienced with React jumping ship is easy enough - we’ve done it, and our codebase follows best-practices to make it easy to understand everything.

You're expected to be self driven, solve problem and make decisions on your own. We trust you to create the best product you can (you can always ask for help though!).

We consider good communication skills very important because of the above.

Our stack:
  • Vue (w/ Vuetify and Vuex)
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • TypeScript (strict mode, 100% coverage)
  • Psalm (static analysis for PHP, similar to TypeScript)
  • Cypress / Jest
  • GitHub

Must haves:
  • Vue / React / Angular experience
  • PHP experience
  • All the other usual stuff (knowledge of Git & CSS, common sense, etc.)
Nice to have:
  • An eye for design
  • TypeScript experience is a plus
  • WordPress experience is a plus
  • Knowledge of testing modern apps is a plus
How We Work

You’ll be working closely with the founder (me, Louis), three other senior engineers, and one designer.

Everything is async. We avoid meetings and interruptions.

We use GitHub and Basecamp to track tasks and monitor progress. Instead of a daily standup, everyone posts progress updates in Basecamp. A list of GitHub issues will be assigned to you, and you’ll implement the fixes and features in them and then submit a PR, which will be reviewed by one of the other engineers or the founder.

Very occasionally we’ll do a Zoom call to go over something, but that’s rare (think 1 or 2 per month).

In the beginning, we’re happy to do as many Zoom calls as you want to get you onboarded and up to speed.

It’s very easy to get started and you’ll be shipping features in no time. The last two engineers we hired did less than one day of onboarding on Zoom, and were shipping significant features at the end of their first week.

Our code base is high quality and very well-architected. We have CI, automated testing, TypeScript on strict mode, types on our PHP, etc.

What We Offer
  • $120,000k/year
  • Fully remote
  • No scheduling requirements - you can work whenever you want
  • A work environment free from politics / meetings / interruptions / bs
  • No overtime / crunch time / rushing / stress. We are a calm company:
  • $2k/year learning materials budget
Interview Process

Email Louis (the founder):

If you sound like a good fit, we’ll schedule a short interview (~1 hour on Zoom) where we’ll have a conversation and ask some questions to get a sense of your software engineering abilities and experience. And of course we’re happy to answer any questions you have about us.

You will be asked a few coding questions. If you are proficient in JavaScript and PHP, you’ll know the answers. There are no algorithms/leetcode questions. The questions touch on practical and common tasks, such as working with arrays.

We are expecting to make a hiring decision in the next ~3 weeks. We are flexible, and are happy to give you some time to wind things down at your current position if necessary. 

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