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Posted 10 months ago

Fullstack Engineer PHP


About the job

What is this job position about?

The podcast revolution needs smart, innovative problem solvers who are quick on their feet. Do you want to help content creators and advertisers get heard amongst the vast ocean of the podcasting world? We connect these two worlds, enabling them to benefit from one another.

Our global podcast hosting network delivers more than 200 million listens per month across four continents, enabling more than 50 thousand podcast producers to get heard and create successful podcasts.

We’re looking for a talented and passionate engineer to work on our platform and products. You’ll work with our team of engineers to build, improve and maintain our web applications, our APIs, and other applications built using web technologies.

You will learn how to build and operate a distributed system composed of large and micro services. You will continuously learn new technologies and keep up with the fast-pace of our industry, making sure that you never feel like you’re stuck on old and boring projects.

You’ll be asked to organize your time, plan your work and be a team player. We expect you to take ownership of the systems you build, and that means:

  • You’re responsible for the operational health of your services. The work is not done just because the code is merged to master.
  • You’re empowered and encouraged to fix operational issues and make sure the technology powering our platform and products evolves as the industry moves forward.

What boxes do you need to tick to apply for this position?

These are the essentials:

  • You are fluent in English (both verbal and written)
  • You live in a European time zone (CET-2/CET+2)
  • You have proven, long-term experience in building applications with PHP
  • You are familiar with build automation, TDD and continuous integration
  • You are familiar with HTML5, CSS3, JS
  • You know how to deal with SQL databases

This is what will get you some bonus points:

  • You have proven, long-term experience with Node.js
  • You are familiar with PostgreSQL
  • You are familiar with Redis
  • You are familiar with Docker
  • You are familiar with AWS
  • You are familiar with Serverless architecture
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Europe Only
Employment type
Regular Employment
Tech stack
Full Stack
$50.000 - 70.000
yearly gross salary